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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the world’s main oil exporting country. It has the largest and most diversified economy in the Middle East with industrial exports that are internationally oriented. The Kingdom, therefore, has to have efficient, fully equipped ports that are capable of doing the job as it should be done.​​​






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3210 M  34   50  km2


  • About the Port

    It is considered the largest port for loading crude oil, refined products and petrochemicals in the Red Sea. It is located in the middle of the line between Europe and America through Suez Canal, and the Far East through Bab Elmandeb.


    The port was developed to serve the industrial complexes and meet their requirements. In addition to exporting of crude oil and its refined products, liquid and solid petrochemicals to the international market, the port imports the needs of the industrial complex, from equipment to machineries and factories' Components. The ports handling capacity reached 130 million tons per year.

  • Geographical Location


    The King Fahd Industrial Port in Yanbu is located on the Red Sea coast, some 300 km north of Jeddah Islamic Port with a total length of 25 km.

  • Latitude 23° 56' N
  • Longitude 38° 15' E



  • Services and Port Berths


    The port consists of 34 berths, which are distributed as follows:


    General Cargo & Containers Terminal:

    There are 11 berths with a total length of 2620 m and depth of 16 m, dedicated for cargo handling (loading and discharging) ships, 2 of which are specialized for containers and roro cargo handling.


    The terminal is equipped with two super post panamax cranes, and one RTG with a capacity of 60 tons, and all other necessary equipment.


    The terminal exports industrial complexes cargo, and imports material for construction works in addition to heavy lift cargo and production support materials.


    Bulk Cargo Terminal:

    It consists of 3 berths (No. 20, 21, & 22) with a total length of 800 m and depth of 18 m. They are dedicated for calling ships carrying bulk cargo up to 100,000 tons. Currently, Sulphur is also being handled through this terminal.


    Crude Oil Terminal:

    It consists of 4 berths (No. 61 till 64) and receives very large crude carriers (VLCC) with a size up to 500,000 DWT, and a maximum draft of 32 m.


Petroleum Products' Export Terminal (Export Refinery):

It consists of 3 berths (No. 42, 55, & 54) where it receives tankers up to 150,000 tons; two berths with a draft of 16 m, and the 3rd berth (No. 14) has maximum draft of 14 m. The terminal was built for exporting petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel and oil.



Petrochemical Terminal:

It consists of 2 berths (No. 40 & 41), where it receives ships up to 50,000 tons; the maximum draft is 13.5 m. The Terminal exports liquid petrochemical products such as glycol and propylene.


Natural Gas Terminal: 

It consists of two berths (No. 71 & 72) and can accommodate ships up to 150,000 tons to draft of 25 m. The terminal exports natural gas products such as butane, propane and naphtha.


Refinery Terminal (Yasref):

It consists of 1 berth (No. 69), with a length of over 300 m, and a maximum depth of 20 m. It is dedicated for the internal distribution of petroleum products, and used to load ships with petroleum and sulphur products.


It can accommodate ships reaching up to 100.000 tons. The berth contains the latest equipment for monitoring the loading and safety operations.


Local Refinery Terminal:

It consists of 4 berths (No. 91 till 94), and can accommodate vessels up to 100.000 tons with a maximum draft of 16 m. Berths are dedicated for internal distribution of petroleum products (internal export).



  • Terminal Operators
General Cargo & Containers TerminalRed Sea Marine Services Co. Ltd.
Marine EquipmentRed Sea Marine Services Co. Ltd.
Bulk cargo Terminal

Red Sea Marine Services Co. Ltd.

Arab Tank Company

Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company Ltd. (SAMREF)

Crude Oil TerminalSaudi Aramco Company
Petroleum Products Export TerminalSaudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company Ltd. (SAMREF)
Petrochemical TerminalSABIC Terminal Services Company (SABTANK)
Natural Gas TerminalSaudi Aramco Company
Yasref TerminalYanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company
Local Refinery TerminalSaudi Aramco Company

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