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4105.48 M  42   190.78    m2



  • About the Port

    King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam is the Kingdom's main port in the Arabian Gulf. The port is considered the main gateway through which cargo from all over the world reaches the Eastern and Central Provinces of the Kingdom. It also provides services for the oil industry and all other major cities in the east and central region of the Kingdom.


    The port's focus is to be a distinguished hub on the national, regional and international levels, in terms of cargo handling, to serve importers and exporters, as well as in terms of logistic services, and maritime industry. The port plays a leading role in providing high quality services to all its clients, along with reinforcing the institutional concept and ensuring that all systems and methods are modernized and developed in terms of providing services' procedure, in attempts to reach advanced levels of achieving overall quality and performance. All these operations and procedures aim to build a distinct regional economy in collaboration with the private sector, which in-turn has a positive impact on improving the standards of living and welfare of Saudi Citizens.


    The port plays an active role in protecting the clients' interests, enhancing competitiveness on all scales locally, regionally and globally, in line with national objectives. The Port's goal is also to contribute in the achievement of Sustainable Economic Development, commercial & investment development in the Kingdom, and promoting high quality services in the business sector. The port offers transparent services in accordance to the related laws, regulations and instructions; In addition to developing policies, legislation and programs in order to enhance the port's appeal, ensure the welfare of the port's beneficiaries and their interests, and upholding environmental standards.

  • Geographical Location

    King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam is located in the middle of the east coast:
  • Latitude 26° 30' N
  • Longitude 50° 12' E


  •  Services


The port is self-sufficient in providing administrative offices, workshops of various natures, whether maritime, electrical, and mechanical or in communications fields. The port also has its own maritime communication network, desalination plants. Also the port offers medical clinic, fire stations, a large residential complex for port employees, a mosque & commercial market. The port is connected through a network of highways with the rest of the regions in the Kingdom and the neighbouring Gulf States, as well as a railway to Riyadh dry port.

The Port also offers the following services:


  • First container terminal.
  • Second container terminal.
  • Refrigerated cargo terminal.
  • Two general cargo terminals.
  • Bulk grain Terminal.
  • Shared Container Terminal.
  • Riyadh Railway Service.
  • Yards for Container Transshipment and for all types of cargo, including cars.
  • Training center (Specialized Academy in the Maritime Science and Technology).
  • Marine control tower equipped with the latest communication equipment.
  • Experienced stevedores and container operators.
  • All facilities are operating around the clock and all days of the week.
  • New yard Ship repair.
  • Crane for constructing small maritime floating units.
  • Warehouse and re-export area.




  • Port Berths

    The port consists of 42 berths, which are distributed as follows:

  • (9) berths for bulk grain
  • (21) berth for general cargoes
  • (8) berths for containers
  • (2) berths for general cargoes & (RORO).
  • (1) berth for refrigerated cargoes & (RORO)
  • (1) berth for bulk cargoes & (RORO)



First: Eastern Basin

This basin consists of two parallel berths along the length of the basin, one known as the middle berths and the other as the eastern berths. The width of the basin is 450 m and includes 22 berths of variant depths; 12.8 m in the southern part of the basin and 14 m in its northern part:


1. Central Berths

The length of this berth is 2454 m; it occupies a total area of 660.000 m2, which includes 13 berths in order from north to south. The depth near the berth ranges from 9 to 14 m. Berths (1 to 3) are provided with a silo and dedicated to grains' handling; while berths from (4 to 13) are designated for handling general cargo and vehicles.



2. Eastern Berths

The length of this berth is 1,744; it occupies a total area of 597,000 m2. It includes 9 berths in order from south to north. The depth near the berth ranges from 12-14 m. Berths from 14 to 22 are designated for general cargo handling; and berths 14 and 22 are equipped for RORO cargos handling.



Second: the Western Basin

This basin has a width of 470 m and a total of 17 berths. Berths on the western side extend along the whole basin. On the other side, there is a huge breakwater. The depth on the southern part of the basin is 11.70 m deep to 14 m in its northern part.


1. Western Berths (Containers)

This berth's length is 2825 m; it occupies a total area of 1.230.000 m2. It contains 8 warehouses with a total area of 47,080 m2, and one refrigerated warehouse with an area of 28,800 m2 on berth no. 35. It includes 13 berths in order from north to south. Alongside the berth, the depths are between 11.20 to 13.80 m.




Western Berths (The Extension of the Huge Breakwater)

There are 4 berths in-order from south to north, starting from berth No. 36 to 38, with a length of 630 m; then the natural extension of the berth comes to end for about 690 m. After that there is the berth No. 39, which is separate berth that extends to 320 m in length. From its northern end starts the natural extension of a huge breakwater for about 2280 m. The depths of waters near the western berths are between 10.90 to 13,00 m.





  • Terminal Operators

International Ports Services Company (IPS)First Container Terminal
Arab Agricultural Services Co. (ARASCO)Bulk Grain Station
Al Blagha Holding Group Co.King Fahd Ship Repairing Yard
Global Marine Services Co. (Globe Marine)East General Cargo Terminal
Universal Technical Co. Ltd (UTC)Central General Cargo Terminal
Zamil Operations and Maintenance Company, Ltd.Marine Equipment
Saudi Development & Export Services Co. Ltd.Re-export Area
Saudi Cement Cement and Clinker Export Facilities
Noor Carton & Packaging IndustryCommercial Center in the Residential Area
Rashed Abdul Rahman AlRashed & Sons GroupAl Rashed Cement Terminal
Al - Tuwairqi Steel CompanyAl - Tuwairqi Steel Berth
Saipem Taqa Al Rushaid (STAR)Star Berth
Gulf Oil Production Company (Vegan)Oil Berth
Saudi Global Ports CompanySecond Container Terminal

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King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam

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