An Invitation for Prequalification of the Operators


You are cordially invited by the Saudi Ports Authority to participate in the Operator Prequalification Programme in preparation for your invitation to submit your tender for the provision of marine services to some of the Saudi Ports in the framework of public competition.

If you are willing to take part in the Operator Prequalification Programme and the tender that will be launched at a later stage, kindly follow the steps, as mentioned hereinafter (Requirements) in Annex 3 of this Invitation.

Please read carefully this announcement and the annexes thereto and ensure that they are well-understood, subject to compliance with the final delivery date.

All or any default or failure to fulfil and hand over all requirements on or prior to the deadline shall be deemed a valid reason for not being qualified.

The Saudi Ports Authority shall be entitled to accept or reject any submissions, as it deems appropriate.​

Deadline for inquires

Day: 11 October 2020

Hour: 11:59 PM

To be submitted through email address:
Deadline for downloading the prequalification document

Day: 18 October 2020

Hour: 11:59 PM
To be downloaded from the Authority's website:

Deadline for sending the prequalification folders

Day: 22 October 2020

Hour: 11:59 PM

To be submitted through the Authority's website or the email address:


Note: Companies that have been pre-qualified for providing marine services in Saudi ports will be considered pre-qualified and don't need to submit a pre-qualification request unless otherwise announced.