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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the world’s main oil exporting country. It has the largest and most diversified economy in the Middle East with industrial exports that are internationally oriented. The Kingdom, therefore, has to have efficient, fully equipped ports that are capable of doing the job as it should be done.​​​​​​






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  • About the Port

    Ras Al Khair Port is considered as the most modern industrial port in the Kingdom. The importance of this port lies in its location, amidst a new industrial zone with variant production and great significance in the local economy. The port is considered a main vein to the Saudi economy as it provides the vital programs and projects executed by both the public and private sectors. New berths have been constructed in the port as part of the North Promise Project “wa'ad alshamal", by order of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. The port is considered as the supporter for the industrial companies at Ras Al Khair, with estimated cost of 100 billion riyals, and whom its products will be exported to the international markets through Ras Al Khair Industrial Port.

    The construction of this port began in 2008 at a cost of more than two billion and four hundred million Saudi Riyals. The actual operations in the port began in February 2011, when the port has received M.V. CAMBERLEY and loaded the first ammonia shipment, which was exported through her to other port.

    Geographical Location

    The port is located in a strategic area in the city of Ras Al Khair on the Arabian Gulf respectively, and about 80 km away from Jubail Industrial City.
  • Latitude 27° 33' N
  • Longitude 49° 12' E  

  • Services

    The port serves more than 80 different industrial future projects distributed throughout Ras Al Khair city for mining industries, with high investments exceeding 100 billion Saudi Riyals. Through the berths, thousands of ships will be calling the port and millions of tons of products of the industrial complex will be exported. The port is also equipped to handle building materials and specialized equipment specific to the factories that are being built in the industrial complex. The port provides the following services:
    • Pilotage and towing services.
    • Loading and discharging services.
    • Pollution control and combat.
    • Navigation aids installation and repairing.
    • Equipment for handling various types of cargo.
    • Search & rescue and medical services.
    • Radar and marine communication systems.
    • Ship supply services.
    • Marine Hydrographic Surveys.
    • Training and qualification.

  • Port Berths

The port contains 14 berths with a total length of 3711 m and variable depths ranging from 15.2 to 16.2 m, in addition to two berths specific to services and handling RORO cargo.

All berths are supplied with fenders, mooring buoys, and conveyor belt with fixed steps for handling phosphate cargo at berth No. 2, loading crane for ammonia handling at berth No. 3, unloading crane for tar at berth No. 5, and a conveyor belt and unloading equipment for alumina and petroleum coal at berth No. 6.

The port berths are allocated as follows:

  • (4) berths for bulk cargoes
  • (5) berths for general cargoes
  • (3) berths for Liquid & bulk cargoes
  • (2) berths re not allocated.



  • Companies Using the Port
  • Ma'aden Aluminium (MA).
  • Ma'aden Phosphate Company (MPC).
  • Ma'aden Wa'ad Al-Shamal Phosphate Company (MWSPC)


  • Terminal Operators
Port's Marine Equipment National Ports Services Company (NPS)
General Cargo Terminal ContractNational Ports Services Company (NPS)

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