Table (a) Fees obtained from the ship owner or agent

Fees and fees for Saudi port services​

13/9 /1419 H - 31/12/1998​


Fees and fees for the ports and harbors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia associated with the General Authority of Ports shall be paid in accordance with the following tables​


Table (a)

Fees you get from the owner or agent of the ship

 Port or port charges:​

Item No​


Amount in Rials​



Entrance fees​​​ for the port


For one visit to any ship​


Departure fee


For one visit to any ship


Waste disposal fees


For each vessel in the day or part thereof​ 


Departures of passengers


For each individual


- Port fees received by the State were reduced by 50% for a period of three years as of 21/5/1435 AH.

-The waste disposal fee is obtained regardless of whether the vessel wishes to benefit from the service.

- Pilgrims and pilgrims a​​re exempted from the fee under item (1/4) above.


-The following ships shall be exempted from payment of the port fees set out in (1/1), (1/2), (1/3) above:

- Any ship carrying a net tonnage of less than 150 tons.​

-Sailboats, Snabic, and portable unloading cranes (lash).

- Fishing and picnic boats unless they occupy space on a commercial jetty.

-Tugboats, Sandals, Excavators, Linches, etc .. which do not normally require exiting outside the territorial waters (unless they occupy space on a commercial jetty).​

-War Ships.

- Fishing vessels on the high seas if they occupy space on a commercial jetty.​