MAWANI sign an agreement with Cruise Saudi and Globe Group to develop new berths and terminal for Cruise Ship

The Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI) has signed an agreement with Cruise Saudi and Globe Group to build one new cruise terminal at King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam, as well as develop four berths at King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam and Yanbu Commercial Port.


The contract was signed today by His Excellency Omar bin Talal Hariri, ‏President of MAWANI; Eng. Fawaz Farooqui, Managing Director of Cruise Saudi; and Mr. Maad Abduljawad, Chief Executive Officer of Globe Group, one passenger terminal will be built, and four berths will be developed to accommodate cruise ships and their passengers.


The move comes as part of MAWANI's ongoing efforts to empower the Kingdom's tourism sector through support for cruises along the coastlines of the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea, in line with the goals of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy.


His Excellency Omar bin Talal Hariri, President of MAWANI, commented: “We are pleased to support the National Transport and Logistics Strategy with the development of a cruise terminal and deeper berths to accommodate international cruise liners. This agreement further elevates Saudi Arabia's position as a leader in the cruise industry and enhances the visitor experience for guests in the Kingdom. We will continue to work together with our partners to develop a sustainable, thriving marine transport ecosystem that contributes to the competitiveness of Saudi Arabia's ports, supports the Kingdom's socio-economic aspirations, and helps to achieve the ambitions of Vision 2030."


Earlier this year, MAWANI and Cruise Saudi announced the opening of the first cruise terminal at Jeddah Islamic Port, from which the MSC Bellissima set sail on its maiden voyage to destinations across the region on 30 July. A series of training programs for Saudi professionals was also announced within various maritime industries in collaboration with MSC Cruises.​

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