Mawani Priority Concessions RFQ Pre-Qualification Conference Announcement and Addendum 1

Following the launch of the RFQ, we would like to invite all interested parties to the RFQ Pre-Qualification Conference.  

The RFQ Pre-Qualification Conference will be held virtually on January 24th, 2022 at 12:00pm KSA.

Interested parties can register to join the conference by email with the subject “Mawani PC – Pre-Qualification Conference Registration" by January 20th,2022.

Furthermore, all Interested parties are requested to submit any clarification or enquiries by email with the subject “Mawani PC – Clarifications" before the day of the Conference (i.e. no later than January 23rd, 2022).

Contact email address for Mawani Priority Concessions is

Answers given in the conference shall not be considered binding or an amendment or a change to the documents including the RFQ introduced by Mawani.

Please note that this announcement should be considered as a notice of change for the date of the Pre-Qualification Conference in Table 4 of the RFQ – which is now updated to January 24th, 2022.