Saudi Ports Record 24.28% Increase in Cargo Throughput Volumes

Saudi ports have recorded a total of 20,467,760 tons of cargo throughput volumes during April, which is a 24.28% increase compared to the 16,469,432 tons recorded in 2021, that is following the 30.42% increase in general cargo with a total of 846,912 tons, the 0.04% increase in dry bulk cargo with a total of 4,197,607 tons, and the 33.35% increase in liquid bulk cargo with a total of 15,239,870 tons, in line with Mawani’s development plans which aim to enhance the efficiency of services provided for local and international customers, as well as transforming the maritime transport and logistics in Saudi Arabia.


While the container throughput volumes in Saudi ports have reached 593,853 TEU, as they recorded a 1.80% increase in exported containers with a total of 175,015 TEU, a 13.40% increase in imported containers with a total of 199,889 TEU, and a 17.30% decrease in transshipment containers with a total 218,949 TEU, that is compared to the numbers recorded during the same time of last year.


Saudi ports have also recorded the number of vessels which reached 1,129, the number of vehicles​ which reached a total of 66,918, and the total of food which reached 1,652,219 tons, while Saudi ports managed during April to receive 45,459 passengers, and unload 446,539 heads of imported livestock, to ensure Saudi ports capability of providing logistics services according to best practices, which contributes to economic growth, and enable the import and export entities in Saudi Arabia.


As it’s Mawani’s priority to continue developing Saudi ports according to global best practices, seeing as it manages nine ports that are strategically positioned to connect Asia, Europe, and Africa, while they represent a gateway for international trade, and influence the maritime traffic, as Mawani’s corporate strategy aims to increase Saudi ports ranking on the Logistics Performance Index, expand the container throughput capacity, and strengthening Saudi Arabia’s position as global logistics hub, in line with the objectives of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy as well as Saudi Vision 2030.