Saudi Ports Close at an Outstanding Performance For H1

Saudi Ports Authority, "Mawani" recorded a staggering growth in its volumes during the first half of 2021. The number of containers handled reached 3.6 million TEUs, 5.18% ahead of last year, transshipment containers at 1.4 million TEUs, 24.49% higher than last year, while total cargo tons reached 138 million tons.


According to statistics issued by Saud​i Ports Authority, livestock witnessed accelerated growth reaching 1.7 million heads, 23.6% higher than to last year.


Saudi Ports Authority recorded an increase in the number of ships received at 6,037, an increase of 6.6%, the number of passengers grew reached 288,000 a 0.61% increase than last year, while the number of imported cars handled reached 429 thousand cars translating into 13 million tons.

The accelerated growth witnessed during this year, is in line to the enhanced development requirements and the increased commercial movement in the Kingdom. Saudi Ports Authority aspires to elevate its operational and logistical performance, enhance the service portfolio and further strengthen infrastructure for this vital sector.


Strategic partnerships with key international shipping lines, fortifies the bond between Saudi ports and Eastern and Western ports, eventually increasing the volume of container handling in Saudi ports.


Saudi Ports Authority, act in accordance with its strategic objectives, to set sail towards a sustainable and prosperous maritime sector. This will consolidate the Kingdom's position as a global logistics hub, enable its economic and social potentials to achieve its ambitions and position making Saudi ports an attracted investment ground to support trade and economic development of the Kingdom.

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