Mawani Apply the General Regulations for Licenses and Permits in Saudi Ports

Mawani has announced the new licenses and permit regulations for commercial activities that fall under the Authority’s domain, as the new regulations, which will come into effect from August 5, 2022, align with the Authority’s framework while taking into account the systems and process of concerned stakeholders.


The regulations will set the general rules that govern the requirements and procedures for obtaining licenses and permits from the Authority to carry out operations, provide services, and conduct activities besides supervising and inspecting them in an efficient and qualitative manner, thereby achieving customer satisfaction, transparency, and clarity in the licenses process as well as consolidating the implementation process, since the regulations are applicable on all individuals permitted or licensed to perform any activity or service in Saudi ports.


This step falls in line with the National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS) and its executive framework, as well as the Authority’s roadmap for the future which aims to establish a prosperous and sustainable maritime sector, transform the Kingdom into a global logistics hub, and achieve the nation’s socioeconomic ambitions.


The regulations state that the Authority will issue, renew, cancel, or suspend licenses and set the terms and conditions for any other related activity that is carried out by licensees according to rules pertaining to each license, while the Authority also holds the right to issue, renew, cancel or suspend individual licenses and enforce terms, conditions, and requirements in line with the regulations of each license.


The licenses and permits vary according to the nature and classification of activities and services offered in the ports, since Mawani formulates the regulations for each category of permits and licenses on the basis of commercial standards, which allows it to regulate and enhance its services as well as attract investments, as all licenses and permits are subject to terms, conditions, and requirements mentioned in its corresponding regulations.


In its latest regulations, Mawani has stated that the approved process for issuing licenses is through a dedicated online portal, once all necessary documents and data are uploaded according to the terms, conditions, and requirements of each license.


Noting that Mawani aspires to develop its regulatory performance and improve the efficiency, operating capacity, and logistical capability of Saudi ports according to global standards, by enhancing the Authority’s regulatory nature and its operating model while ensuring a reliable and effective regulatory and commercial environment in addition to enabling growth and innovation in the Kingdom’s maritime ecosystem.