Mawani Priority Concessions RFQ Clarification Announcement

Mawani is issuing this note to all Bidders to clarify the following points:

1. Consortium Members that have highly sensitive supporting material that cannot be submitted via the Lead Member, should seek Datasite registration via email stating the reason and which Consortium it is a member of, and then submit directly to a secure confidential folder. However, note that all the RFQ forms and Consortium Applications need to still be completed by the Lead Advisor in full and incomplete forms could lead to disqualification.


2. Where signature of documents occurs physically (as opposed to electronically) and such document is then exchanged electronically with another counterparty who also physically (as opposed to electronically) signs the documents, this will not constitute an e-signature and will be acceptable to Mawani.


3. Mawani requires bidders to submit notarised copies of company articles of association and/or company by-laws (stamped by the Ministry of Commerce of KSA, where the bidder or consortium is a KSA entity) (or the equivalent constitutional documents, as applicable by jurisdiction) along with a certified translation into English or Arabic of such documents where they are not in English or Arabic.      


Note: The Clarification period is now closed and Applicants should respond to the RFQ based on the information and data provided to date.