Jeddah Islamic Port to showcase its advanced services at the Transport Logistics Exhibition

Jeddah Islamic Port will represent the Saudi Ports Authority at the Transport Logistics Exhibition in Munich, Germany ‪from 4-7 June 2019‬. This Exhibition is the largest and most important global trade exhibition specialized in the field of transport industry, freight forwarding, logistics services and information technology related to shipping. The exhibition will showcase the experiences of a number of international ports as well as initiatives that have contributed to the development of transport and its various sectors.

The purpose of participating in this global event is to highlight the Kingdom's efforts in facilitating the procedures of import and export, logistics services and the overall development of the maritime transport industry. In addition to attracting partnerships and investments and attracting more regional and international shipping lines, thus contributing to support the national economy, GDP, and commercial traffic.

This participation also uncovers the efforts of Saudi Ports Authority in enhancing the reputation of Saudi ports on both the regional and international levels. This will have a positive impact on the Kingdom's ranking in the Global Competitiveness Index and the Logistics Performance Index which reflect its international position as a unique logistics platform between the three continents of the world. Thus, fulfilling the objectives of the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030.

The Port’s booth at the Transport Logistics Exhibition in Munich also aims to exhibit the port’s operational and logistics capabilities. Great strides have been made to improve services which resulted in placing the Jeddah port on the world's important ports map. 

Jeddah Islamic Port is considered one of the most important and largest Saudi ports. It receives more than 65% of the total imports and exports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by sea as well as 60% of the weights of goods received, in addition to 65% of the total imports of foodstuffs. Furthermore, the port has received 5,000 vessels over the past year. It also provides 24 hour repair and maintenance services.

The importance of the Jeddah Islamic Port lies in its location on the maritime trade route on the Red Sea coast where about 20 million standard containers pass annually and approximately 35% of the sea-borne trade on container ships.

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