Al Amudi Visits Johor Port In Malaysia


His Excellency the President of the Saudi Ports Authority Doctor Nabeel Bin Mohamed Al Amudi visited Johor Port in Malaysia on Wednesday 4/11/2015. His Excellency was received by Mister Allam Shah Bin Abdul Halim, the CEO of the Port and a number of Port officials and he listened to a briefed explanation about the establishment stages of the Port. His Excellency also saw a visual presentation about operating and handling operations, visited the marine control tower, and did a tour inside the Port’s berths, terminals and different facilities. His Excellency, Doctor Al Amudi praised the development of the port and the quality of its provided services and at the end of the visit the two parties exchanged commemorative presents.

His Excellency was accompanied during his visit by His Excellency the Director General of King Abdul Aziz Port Dammam Mister Naeim Bin Ibrahim Al Naeim, His Excellency the General Supervisor of the President’s office Mister Saed Bin Ibrahim Al Anaqreh and the Director General of Jeddah Islamic Port Captain Abdullah Bin Awad Al Zamii.

It is noteworthy that the Red Sea Gateway Terminal in Jeddah Islamic Port is managed through Saudi-Malaysian cooperation as a part of the strategic partnership between local and foreign expertise in the maintenance, operating and management of handling terminals in Saudi Ports.